5 Free Summer Date Ideas

Who doesn’t love FREE? Here are some awesome dates to go on this summer with your man! But first, a couple disclaimers: - I know I just posted on how to date without adding more to your busy summer, but this is just in case you do have a free moment to get out and … [Read more...]

How To Date Your Spouse In Summer

Do you know it’s not easy to date your spouse in summer if you have little kids?  Little people love going to swim lessons, play dates, picnics, and anything else we will take them too.  And we love taking them. But these things are also tiring. At the end of the day you get … [Read more...]

The Unexpected Date

Sometimes you plan dates, other times they just fall into your lap.  This time the date fell into our laps. The other day, Peter and I had doctor appointments at the same doctor’s office.  Instead of bemoaning the fact we had to go the doctors, we decided to make a morning of … [Read more...]