4 Simple Things To Do After A Hard Day

Sundays wasn't supposed to be hard.  The plan was to have it be relaxing.  Church in the morning, resting in the afternoon, and family time in the evening.  Sounds simple, except the littlest Lawrence didn’t know this. Instead he filled the day with tears and grimaces because … [Read more...]

The Lawrence Family & Too Much TV

Have you ever read The Berenstain Bears and Too Much TV? Well, if you haven’t, the story goes like this… Mama Bear is concerned that Papa Bear, Brother Bear, and Sister Bear are watching too much TV.  Instead of enjoying all the other fun things in life, they seem a little too … [Read more...]

Comparing Pregnancies

Do you ever struggle with comparing?  Sometimes I think this is part of the curse. :) As women, it seems so easy to fall into comparing, especially when it comes to motherhood and our families. I don’t think pregnancy is an exception either.  We can wonder if we’re eating … [Read more...]

Ideas For When You’re Stuck At Home

“Stuck… At...  Home.” I don’t know about you, but these words do not necessarily inspire feelings of excitement at my house.  Instead, they conjure up feelings of dread and messed up plans.  Like the other day when my spunky little guy decided that it was a good time to throw … [Read more...]