3 Ways to a Cleaner Bedroom

Remember how I shared a little while ago that I am a messy person and that piles just seem to pop up wherever? Well, it’s still true.  The most current fatality has been my bedroom.

Some people just sleep in their bedrooms.  I, on the other hand, seem to live half of my existence in my bedroom.  My son is a very light sleeper so I have to choose one place to be when he is sleeping.  Our squeaky floors wake him up if I walk around too much.  So I choose to stay in my bedroom.

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I love working or reading on my bed, I always have.  My sewing corner is also in my bedroom and provides a lot of fun.  But really, the main reason I choose my bedroom is because it’s close to the bathroom.  You have to consider these things if you’re almost 9 months pregnant. 🙂

You might think I’d want to keep my bedroom clean since I spend so much time in there, but you’d be wrong. Instead, I rationalize that I don’t need to pick up because “I’m living here.”  My husband doesn’t exactly agree with my philosophy, but he tends to suffer in silence.  But even I have my breaking point.

I drew the line at the loaf of bread sitting on my nightstand.  I mean, WHO has a loaf of bread next to their bed?!? I decided that was that. The room had to be cleaned.

I started listing all the things I was picking up because it was so comical.  I found curtains from when my toddler son was born, a cast iron iron that I swore would be a good decoration… somewhere, and a bag of loose leaf tea (wouldn’t the kitchen be a better spot?).  I found baby books, Bible books, and a random yearbook all in an unsorted pile.  There was laundry everywhere but the hamper and I found tons of sewing stuff not in my sewing corner.  I found important tax papers shoved under a suitcase and old crackers from when I took my son swimming.  My favorite was finding an empty box, you know for the- time-you-need-it-but-you’re-not-sure-when-yet box.

As I’m reading what I’m writing, I’m amazed my husband hadn’t snapped because our bedroom was so messy.  I mean, his nightstand and dresser were messy too… but mostly with my things. Oops.

So on to the cleaning… Where do you start?

Unknowingly, I think I actually did something pretty smart.  I was tired (remember, pregnant here) and didn’t really want to deep lean so I decided to just make two huge piles on the bed. One pile was everything that didn’t belong in our room and the other was things that needed to be thrown out.  Then I threw out the trash and put everything away where it belonged in the rest of our house.

The last thing I did was try to straighten up what was staying in our room.  I put everything sewing related back in my sewing corner, I threw the clothes in the hamper, and tried to make the piles that were left a little neater.

The end result of about 45 minutes of work was: A happy self, a happy husband, and a mostly clean bedroom.

In case you need a boost in the right direction in your own bedroom, here is what you can do:

  1. Make two important piles. A pile of trash and a pile of things that don’t belong.
  2. Take care of the piles. Throw the trash away and then put the misplaced things away.
  3. Organize the rest.  Laundry in the hamper, jewelry in your drawer, etc.  You can also lightly organize the more complicated piles that have to wait until another day.

If you take even just a half an hour to do these three things, you’ll be that much closer to a cleaner, happier existence!

Give it a shot!