Meet Kristin!

About Me…

Hey! I’m Kristin and I am definitely not a supermom.  The other day I accidentally let my son eat a leaf! J (Don’t worry, he survived.)  But seriously, I struggle with laundry and wonder what’s for dinner just like everyone else.  Here’s a little bit more about me:

For GravatarI am a mom, a wife, a writer, and a precious child of God.  I love all things country and dream of one day living on a farm.   I don’t like coffee but I’ll drink it if it means I can have a real conversation with you.   I love hearing other peoples’ stories and what God has been doing in their lives – a day full of stories is a day well spent.  My greatest passion is to honor God in every aspect of my life and then encourage others to do the same.

 How It All Began…

I thought of No Supermoms Here at the beginning of 2015.  I had been a mom for only a few months, but I already was worn out, stressed out, and often found myself in a heap in a corner. What I thought would bring me so much joy threatened to bury me every day.  One day I asked God if this really was what mothering was about.  I fully expected a resounding “Yes” and a “Get with the program” speech, but instead I got a very different answer.  Over the next few months God used friendships, my church family, and my awesome husband to show me just how skewed my thinking about motherhood was.  I began to learn being a mom isn’t about being perfect, getting it right, or driving myself into the ground trying to do those things.  Being a mom is about loving the people God has given me–big and small.  Sometimes that looks like washing dishes, but a lot of the time it means leaving the dishes and playing with blocks.  I have learned a lot this past year, but I still am a young mom and have a lot more to learn, which is where No Supermoms Here comes in.

  The Purpose of NSH…

 No Supermoms Here is my story of learning to love my messy, beautiful life.  My expectations about motherhood are slowly changing as I learn what it really means to be a mom vs. what I thought it meant to be a mom.   As a result, my sink is often full, dust bunnies sometimes abound, and my son occasionally eats a leaf, but I am more joyful, less stressed, and not the heap in the corner like I once was.

I created NSH to share the lessons I’m learning in hopes of encouraging other moms.  If you are a new mom, know you’re not alone.   I hope you can find resources and maybe a friend or two among these pages.  If you’re a seasoned mom, please stay and offer your wisdom.  We all need to hear stories of “I’ve been there.”

If this is your first time visiting, I’d love to share a little bit more of my journey with you.   If you have time, Dear New Mom, You Are Not Failing and From A Recovering Supermom are two great introductory posts.  These will catch you up on my story and what I am all about.

You will find a variety of posts at No Supermoms Here.  All of these categories can be found through the navigational bar at the top of my site.  Here are a few of the topics I try to write about regularly:

  • How to Start Your Day With Jesus
  • Time Management
  • Family Fun Nights
  • Keeping Your Marriage Strong
  • Kids’ Developmental Stages & Activities
  • Tough Parenting Topics
  • Teaching Kids About Jesus
  • Self-Care
  • Monthly Book Review

 What NSH Is Not About…

 No Supermoms Here is not about the latest trend or picking a side in the most recent mommy-war.  And it’s certainly not about telling you to do more, be more, or anything like that.  NSH is written to remind moms of truth and encourage them to keep going.  That’s it.

  Let’s Connect…

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I’m glad you are here!