How To Teach Kids Thankfulness

Do you struggle with how to teach your kids to be thankful?  I mean, it’s not really an exact science.  It’s one thing to get them to say “Please” and “Thank you,” but it’s another thing to help them learn how to have it come from their hearts.
How To Teach Kids Thankfulness

Since I don’t exactly have the corner on the market on this yet, I thought I’d gather a few great blog articles about thankfulness and share them with you.

Of course, there are more articles than just the ones I’ve listed below.  I just thought these ones are a nice place to begin and hopefully find encouragement from.

How Parents Can Teach Thankfulness 

Being Thankful Every Day – Sometimes we just need ideas to get us going.  Here is an article that shares 10 different ways we can be thankful in our everyday lives.

Real Life Stories of Thankfulness – Sometimes stories teach more than any research article can. Here are a few stories of how different parents have helped create thankfulness in their own families.

Bible Stories About Thankfulness – What’s In The Bible website highlights three different Bible stories parents can use to teach their kids thankfulness. This post shares the Bible story, but then it also explains how to use the story to teach our kids thankfulness.

Toddler Activities To Teach Thankfulness

Teaching Toddlers To Be Thankful – This blogger created a week-long challenge of activities to do with toddlers.  It’s okay if you’d rather not do the challenge.  This article still has some great ideas on how to to help toddlers learn thankfulness.

30-Days of Thankfulness Facebook Challenge – I couldn’t find an article on this, but it basically is posting everyday on Facebook something you are thankful for during the month of November.  You could involve your kids by asking them what you should post. (Don’t worry if you start late. It still counts.)

Thankful Tree  – This is a kid-friendly thankful tree craft. You can add the leaves all at once or you can make it a daily activity.  Who knows, this might just be a new tradition for you?

Other Thankfulness Resources 

Bear Says Thanks – This is a great board book for toddlers.  My little guy has another one of the Bear books and absolutely loves it.  I think we’ve read it to him over 100 times.

Raising Grateful Kids In An Entitled World – This is a book by Kristen Welch, who blogs at We Are That Family. I have not personally read this book, but I have read her blog and she is spot on with everything I’ve read so far. I hope to read this book soon myself too.

That’s all for now…

Here’s to a thankful November! 🙂