Hi, I’m Kristin and I am the author of No Supermoms Here.  In effort to help you navigate my site, I’ve described each of the major section of my blog below.  This will give you an idea of what No Supermoms Here offers and how it can be helpful to you.

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Start Here

If you’re reading this, you are already here!  This section is where you can find out information about me and how No Supermoms Here began.  This is also where I’ll list any resources I feature in my posts.  These are things that could be beneficial for your family, marriage, or children.

Being Mom

This whole blog is dedicated to writing real posts about real things in life.  This is especially true when it comes to writing about being a mom.  In this section you’ll find ideas on how to involve Jesus more in your life as a mom, simple ways you can take time for yourself, and real thoughts about motherhood.  Sometimes I write these real thoughts in the form of letters because I love letter writing so much.

Keeping House

This section focuses on the routine tasks of motherhood that seem to never go away.  Since I am learning right along with you in these areas, my hope is to connect you to others who are further down the path.  The main topics are: Meal Planning, Organization/Cleaning, Saving & Spending, and Time Management.  Of course, I’ll add my two cents in on how I’m blundering along as well.

Family Life

Loving our families is one of the highest callings we ever will have as moms.  This section offers thoughts and stories from myself and others about parenting, ways to keep the everyday fun, and ideas of how to keep growing in your marriage.  I believe each of these categories are needed in order to grow a strong family.

Kids’ Corner

This section is dedicated to those little munchkins that made us mamas!  Come here to find other moms who are learning right along with you about how to love their messy, beautiful lives.  Some topics we’ll cover are: developmental stages, age-appropriate activities, teaching them about Jesus, making ordinary moments teaching moments, and how to celebrate the holidays without going crazy.


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